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    Dom Pérignon Table



    Enigma offers the option of booking a private table for 6 people with a exclusive waiter and  sommelier during the dinner, which includes our tasting menu, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 Plénitude 2, Vintage 2013 and Vintage 2009 Rosé.

    One of Albert Adrià’s strongest collaborations is with Dom Pérignon,  French house with which the chef has been working since 2014 on different projects.

    Enigma and Albert Adrià have many things in common with Dom Pérignon, which is why this restaurant is one of the first in Spain to join the worldwide Dom Pérignon Society programme, with which the Maison distinguishes those restaurants that share with Dom Pérignon the unmistakable characteristics of the brand: quality, exclusivity, refinement and excellence.



    Vintage 2013

    Harmony revealed

    The delicate nose unfolds in swathes of colour.
    The green of eucalyptus, mint and vetiver, the orangey yellow of mirabelle plums, apricot and orange blossom, the brown of pepper, cardamom sticks and liquorice and, finally, silvery saline and toasted nuances, it is elegant on the palate and expresses a luxurious simplicity and precision. The refined, silky base is accentuated in the heart.
    The finish is dominated by a salinity that leaves a deep sense of consistency.

    Vintage 2004 Plénitude 2

    Elevated by time

    The bouquet is ripe, lively and generous. Warm aromas of hay and brioche mingle with bergamot and red stone fruit. The overall effect radiates smoky grey accents.
    The vibrant opening strikes the first chord, a prelude to a complexity that is more tactile than rounded, and only gives of itself gradually. The distinguished viscosity is unobtrusive and simply fits the contours of the wine. The length is exquisitely bitter and abounds with sap, a blend of liquorice and roasted malt.

    Vintage 2009 Rosé

    Radical exploration

    The bouquet bursts with an aroma of raspberries and wild strawberries. Persistent notes of iris and violet immediately merge with the fruity aromas. After breathing, greener nuances appear, evoking henna, angelica and camphor. The first sensations are tactile, full-bodied and silky, unfolding like a caress and becoming increasingly intense. The acidic base, a signature of the vintage, weaves the structure of the pinot noir, making the heart of the wine vibrate. The finish, assertive and persistent, is reminiscent of peonies and white pepper.


    6 tasting menus "Lobo"

    2 Bottles of Vintage 2004 Plénitude 2

    2 Bottles of Vintage 2009 Rosé

    2 Bottles of Vintage 2013

    890€ per person


    Closed price for 6 people.

    Includes exclusive waiter and sommelier during the dinner at a table located in a semi-private area of the restaurant. Also includes water, coffees and/or teas.

    Please ask for conditions to book a table for less people.



    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.