Enigma restaurant

In this new journey after the reopening, little remains of the previous Enigma, we have searched for the ideal formula so that our clients can live a different gastronomic experience.

At Enigma you will find a kitchen inspired by seasonal products. Of course, applying the knowledge of more than 35 years of experience where tradition and innovation go hand in hand for the benefit of the product itself.
That is why our menu is seasonal and changing.



A unique space

The venue created by the architecture studio, RCR Arquitectes, represents an example of the traditional requirements of architecture, physical and spatial beauty together with function and craftsmanship. RCR has created a local and universal space at the same time. Everything inside, the lighting, the furniture, the shapes and the materials with which it has been built, are unique.

RCR Pritzker Prize 2017

Gastronomic proposal



Menu created month by month following the seasonal cycle of the products that we find in the markets, to which we apply all the technical knowledge we have but always at the service of the product itself. We seek not only the quality of the product but also the quality of the ideas. The number of plates can vary between 20 and 25. Drinks not included




Spain, with 972,000 hectares, is the country with the largest number of vineyards in the world. Its ampelographic richness is capital and there are more than 200 local grape varieties. The diversity of climates, soils and cultural practices offer a wide palette of wine styles. Such plurality is divided into seven territories, each of which is represented in the following selection.




Old World wines, those produced in Europe with a long tradition, take us back to the depths of history and tradition. These are regions that have kept the secrets of winemaking over the centuries and, thanks to their long history, produce wines of terroir and culture. In this selection you will find the most paradigmatic regions of the Old World, with bottles that convey the passion and essence of the land. We have emblematic producers with an artistic vocation and a commitment to local varieties. This selection will allow you to enjoy unforgettable wines.




A million bubbles coexist in a glass of sparkling wine. These wines are exceptional companions to avant-garde cuisine. The sumptuous bubbles refresh and harmonize with a wide variety of flavors and textures. This selection is made up of seven million bubbles of sophistication, intensity and joyous vivacity.


Events & private rooms

At Enigma we have extensive experience creating special events tailored for each client or company.
We carry out all kinds of formats: formal dinners, product presentations, standing cocktails and even parties with a DJ.

Celebrate with us your events or celebrations in a unique space, either with privatization of the venue or in a private room.

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